Where can I buy Christian books in the UK?

This list covers bookshops stocking Evangelical Christian literature, in the Reformed tradition, available in the UK. In addition, some of these bookshops post books worldwide. It’s always worth shopping around a bit, or checking whether a book is available second-hand to get the best price. Don’t forget to check out our blog post on avoiding Amazon!

This list was last updated on 30th January 2024.

Christian bookshops

ICM Books Direct

Excellent bookshop run by Mervyn and his family, stocking a large variety of Christian literature at good prices. You can also visit their massive warehouse if ever you find yourself in Northern Ireland.

Evangelical Bookshop

Great bookshop run by John Grier and his team, stocking a wide assortment of new and second-hand Christian literature at reasonable prices. Definitely worth checking out their second-hand section as there are many bargains to be found! Delivery to England sometimes takes a while, but that only makes the books all the more worth the wait!

Book Aid

  • Website: book-aid.org
  • Visit in person:
    • Bromley House, Kangley Bridge Road, Sydenham, London SE26 5AQ
    • Great North Road, Ranskill, Retford, Notts. DN22 8NL
    • 10 Galgate, Barnard Castle, Co. Durham DL12 8BG
    • 44 Rickamore Road Upper, Ballyclare, Templepatrick, Co. Antrim, BT39 0JE N. Ireland

This charity is a hidden gem and I highly recommend a visit to one of their warehouses/shops where they sell a vast stock of surplus, second-hand Christian books at very reasonable prices. Limited catalogue available online, sold through AbeBooks and Amazon. Funds raised go to the distribution of Christian books worldwide.

Peter and Rachel Reynolds books

Wide range of older and antiquarian, second-hand Christian books at good prices. I can attest to fast delivery. I had to come off their mailing list in the end as it was far too tempting!


  • Order online: www.10ofthose.com
  • Visit in person: Unit C, Tomlinson Road, Leyland, Lancs, PR25 2DY

For the best deals on new, smaller paperbacks and more lightweight reading material, Jonathan Carswell and his gang are usually your best bet.

Honourable mentions

I had to put them here, otherwise my list would’ve been too long!


  • Tabernacle Bookshop
    • Good range of Reformed literature at great prices. Every book they stock here has been personally approved by Peter Masters, but that still includes a good selection – even if Martyn Lloyd-Jones is banned! Shop is just adjacent to the famous building.
    • Metropolitan Tabernacle, Elephant and Castle, London SE1 6SD
  • Christian Bookshop Ossett
    • Decent range of new and second-hand Christian books at good prices.
    • 21 Queen Street, Ossett, West Yorkshire WF5 8AS
  • Protestant Truth Society Bookshop
    • Good range of Reformed and Evangelical literature. Keep an eye out for deals. Offer discounts for students and ministers. Will try to sell you John Owen!
    • 184 Fleet Street, London EC4A 2HJ
  • Mayflower Christian Bookshop
    • Smaller range of Reformed literature available from a church bookshop. They also stock a few books published by themselves. The prices can be exceptionally good!
    • 114 Spring Road, Southampton SO19 2QB
  • Sunburst Books
    • Ok this is cheating a bit, as it’s not technically a Christian bookshop, though it is run by the local parish church. But it is my all-time favourite second-hand bookshop anywhere in the world! It’s a true Aladdin’s cave, and when you bring your pile of books to the counter, they’ll sometimes even just ask you how much you want to pay for them! They also have a policy of never charging for Bibles (of which they usually have a good stock), so if you’re after a rare 1984-text NIV or a Bible for a friend, head on in!
    • 21-23 Station Road, Rainham, Kent ME8 7RS


  • Mound Books
    • Good range of new and second-hand Reformed and Evangelical literature.
    • Very helpful and friendly staff
    • 16 North Bank Street, Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 2LS
  • James A. Dickson Books
    • Stock over 20,000 new, second-hand and antiquarian Reformed Christian books
    • Blisteringly quick delivery time!
    • Kilsyth, Scotland


Online only:

  • EP Worldwide (eBay store)
    • This is an eBay account run by a lovely couple, Kim and Keith, in support of the charity Equipping Pastors Worldwide, formerly known as Christian Books Worldwide. Here they sell surplus, second-hand Christian books to fund the distribution of quality Evangelical literature to pastors and others around the world. Some bargains to be had, all for a good cause!
  • Biblio
    • This is an Amazon/AbeBooks alternative which independent booksellers use. Search by keyword to on-the-whole get better prices than Jeff Bezos gives!

Buy direct from the publisher

You can usually get fairly decent prices direct from the publishers, especially when they have special offers on. Look out for the Banner of Truth Christmas Special in particular!

  • Banner of Truth
    • Mostly reprints of older, Puritan works. Known for their Puritan Paperbacks, as well as publishing the collected works of anyone old, dead and Scottish in beautifully-bound hardbacks.
  • Christian Focus
    • Generally more accessible Evangelical literature.
  • Grace Publications Trust
    • Smaller publisher, known for their abridgements of Puritan classics.
  • Day One Publications
    • Range of smaller paperbacks and coffee-table books.
  • The Good Book Company
    • Smaller, more accessible paperbacks. Some good modern authors.
  • Inter-Varsity Press
    • More mainstream Evangelicalism these days. Still some good books to be had.
  • Evangelical Press
    • Mostly smaller biographies and commentaries. Now an imprint of 10Publishing, watch out, world, Jonathan Carswell’s taking over!
  • Tentmaker Publications
    • Quality reprints of older, more obscure texts, bound by a lovely chap by the name of Phil Roberts.
  • Union Publishing
    • Books published by Union School of Theology.
  • Ettrick Press
    • Smaller publisher, reprinting old classics and newer works.

And that’s it. If I’ve missed any good ones, add them in the comments below 🙂

3 Responses

  1. Dear brother in Christ,
    Thanks be to God for bringing this blog to me. I love the puritans never tire reading about them. Surely I appreciate your labour of love. Have read your blog on prayer and Holy Spirit quite edifying. Seems you’re not a King James Bible reader; the original KJB is the puritan’s scripture of reference; my Bible too. Translations cannot and should never polarise mature christian fellowship.
    For the glory of God thank you.
    Jesus reigns,

    1. Many thanks for your kind words, brother!

      I love the King James Version too, and like to compare and contrast faithful Bible translations to bring out the original meaning of the text. It’s important to recognise that the Bible is inerrant as it was originally given (i.e. in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek). The KJV is an excellent, literal translation and won’t be beaten for poetry, but it is still fallible, like all translations.

      Whilst it’s true some of the Puritans used the KJV. Many Puritans of the 16th and 17th centuries preferred the Geneva Bible, which predated the KJV by some 50 years. King James actually banned the printing of new copies of the Geneva Bible, though it continued to remain popular until the end of the 17th century. I think we can be grateful for the impact both Bibles have had on Protestantism across the Anglosphere!

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