The decline of the local church

Our prayer is that people would come into our churches from the local area, saved and unsaved, to add to our numbers. Yet, I’ve been troubled in recent months by the thought that many of us don’t go to churches local to us. Instead, we go to the ones which fit our specification and forget the little faithful congregation next door.

Let’s get rid of excessive evangelism and reform the church

Over the last few decades, I believe that many of us have lost sight of what church is about and are instead gripped and obsessed with modern evangelism techniques in all their shapes and sizes. From seeker sensitivity to the construction of endless cafes, churches up and down the land have neglected the lives of the congregation. This is not healthy.

Learning from the Sardis church

The church of Sardis is a warning to all of our churches as we pursue growth, numbers and a thriving community. In this post, I aim to draw our attention to our hearts, and who we are really serving.

The number game

Do you ever feel that sometimes church is a number game? I often get the question, ‘How big is your church?’ As if it’s the most important question going. Sometimes I just want to answer ‘Why does it matter?’ or ‘How big is God?’ But it is always asked and one you just have to […]