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Whatever your problem(s), start with God

For believers, the ultimate end-point of everything is certain: an eternity with God in paradise. But that’s definitely not always how we start when confronted with a trial or problem in the day-to-day. To endure through dark times, we must take our eyes off of ourselves and our problem(s) and fix them instead on Christ Jesus.

Is it time to stop buying books from Amazon?

Did you know that over 50% of books in the UK are sold through Amazon? This share jumps up to 70-80% for books bought online. Meanwhile, independent Christian bookshops are falling by the way-side, and now Amazon are making moves to cancel and censor Christian writers.

When God doesn’t answer our prayers

Let’s be honest, the life of prayer isn’t always a joyride. Sometimes it can seem that God doesn’t hear our prayers and His presence seems far away. We feel discouraged as heaven is silent. If this has ever been you, then I hope you can take some comfort from this blog post. God is on the throne and He is good!

Generational divides in the church

Have old and young ever been so divided? In the last fifty years we’ve seen seismic political, social, economic and technological gaps emerge between generations, the like of which has probably never been known in human history. These generational divides affect the church too. Local churches suffer when young and old don’t mix.

Seven things the Holy Spirit does for us

Seven things the Holy Spirit does for us

It seems to me that Christians today either make too little or too much of the work of the Holy Spirit. In this post, I want to consider seven ways in which the Spirit has communion with us (with thanks to John Owen for pointing them out in his book!).

Signals of transcendence

Os Guinness, in his new book, defines a signal of transcendence as a life-event or experience that transcends you beyond the normal, material world revealing something deeper which causes you to stop and think on the big questions of life and death, meaning and purpose, or the prospect that there is something more — a reality beyond physical matter.

Fight the good fight of faith

Fight the good fight of faith

‘Fight the good fight of faith.’ Those words written to Timothy could not have been timelier. The young Ephesian pastor and his fledgeling congregation had to flee many things whilst living in a city dominated by pagan religion.

This Christmas don’t forget the wonder of the Incarnation

What is the greatest event in the history of the world? What is the most amazing thing to happen across the entirety of the cosmos? What story lies at the centre of absolutely everything, past, present and future? God coming as a man. That’s what.

Critical Theory and the Reformation

Today’s Reformation Day, so we thought we’d do something a bit different. We’re going on an exploration of sorts, looking at this great historical event to see what it can teach us about how we should approach one of the philosophies that most shapes our lives today. Critical Theory The Dutch theologian Hermann Bavinck once […]