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Keep going

There are many terrific quotes attributed to Winston Churchill, even discounting the ones erroneously given to him. For a man who ‘mobilised the English language and sent it to war’, Churchill did a good business inspiring turns of phrase to lead and motivate the British people through the dark times of the Second World War.

Does it matter what you wear to church?

Does it matter what you wear to church?

Are those who dress smartly in their ‘Sunday best’ for church just holding onto silly traditions? Does it matter what you wear when you worship God?

In heavenly love abiding: from acting to Christian ministry

Paul and Elaine Harper were actors beginning to enter the ‘big time’ in their careers in the late 1960s. Theatre and TV work was coming their way. Paul had just had a big break as part of a very successful theatrical production in London’s West End. However, despite these successes, they both felt a gaping emptiness and growing unease.

Dealing with doubts

Doubts. We don’t often talk about them, but we all get them. We’re in a great spiritual war. Wherever a little green shoot of life pops up, you can bet your last Rolo that our enemy the devil will rush to jump on it. To survive, we must deal with our doubts and fight back.

The surprising genius of Jesus

Jesus was (and is) a genius. As a statement of fact that’s unlikely to surprise you, after all, He is the Son of God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords! And yet in a world where we’ve had Jesus’ teachings taught, analysed and criticised for the past two thousand years, sometimes we lose sight of the earth-shattering intellectual geniusness of Jesus’ message itself.

Whatever your problem(s), start with God

For believers, the ultimate end-point of everything is certain: an eternity with God in paradise. But that’s definitely not always how we start when confronted with a trial or problem in the day-to-day. To endure through dark times, we must take our eyes off of ourselves and our problem(s) and fix them instead on Christ Jesus.

Is it time to stop buying books from Amazon?

Did you know that over 50% of books in the UK are sold through Amazon? This share jumps up to 70-80% for books bought online. Meanwhile, independent Christian bookshops are falling by the way-side, and now Amazon are making moves to cancel and censor Christian writers.

When God doesn’t answer our prayers

Let’s be honest, the life of prayer isn’t always a joyride. Sometimes it can seem that God doesn’t hear our prayers and His presence seems far away. We feel discouraged as heaven is silent. If this has ever been you, then I hope you can take some comfort from this blog post. God is on the throne and He is good!

Generational divides in the church

Have old and young ever been so divided? In the last fifty years we’ve seen seismic political, social, economic and technological gaps emerge between generations, the like of which has probably never been known in human history. These generational divides affect the church too. Local churches suffer when young and old don’t mix.