Words can’t do justice to the horrors of the war in Ukraine.

Seeing the carnage and devastation play out in real-time on the news and on social media can’t fail to cause even the stiffest upper lip to quiver. We can’t avoid it, we don’t really want to… Large-scale war on the European continent in the twenty-first century directly affecting tens of millions of people. It doesn’t seem possible. After the two terrible world wars last century, how can history repeat itself so soon? All the old Cold-War-era fears come back with paralysing anxiety.

It can be easy to find these emotions all-consuming. Or, perhaps worse still, we numb ourselves to the pain and suffering and try to distance ourselves and avoid thinking about these horrible things that are happening to other people.

How do we as Christians make sense of the war in Ukraine?

This may strike you as odd, but first of all – as with everything in life, good and bad – we don’t start with the situation, we start with God and then we work our way from Him to the situation. (See Psalms 73:1 and 88:1-2 for examples of this).

We invite you to join us in our latest podcast as we attempt to do just that and ground ourselves in the truth about God, before looking at the role of emotions and how we might respond as UK Christians to the sufferings of all those affected by this conflict.