In the news this week: Assisted suicide, Covid-19, anti-vaxxers, environmental extremists, climate change, fuel and energy crises.

We can be forgiven for sometimes feeling that the world is going to pot… but what do all the above have in common?

Our God is (capital S) Sovereign over all of them.

Tune in to our latest podcast to hear some practical Christian responses to these issues. There’s nothing special about Michael and Josh (your hosts), but they know and love a special Redeemer God who has graciously given them (and us all!) a degree of reason and understanding (even when it doesn’t feel like it!). But better still, God has left a guidebook to life—His living word—indelibly imbued with His Holy Spirit, and chock-a-block full of much-needed wisdom for our times.

Rationality can be a rare commodity amidst these emotionally charged issues. But join us as we take a step back and seek to reason through these issues with Bible logic.